The author of this blog is (in ascending order of specificity) a carbon-based life form, a eukaryote, a metazoan, a chordate, an amniote, a placental mammal, and a hominid. He is aware that members of his species evolved to be omnivores, but he has voluntarily foregone the eating of his fellow animals. Some 96 percent of his genome is identical to that of his close evolutionary cousin, the chimpanzee. Admittedly he has less body hair than most chimpanzees, but he has attempted to compensate for this by growing a beard. His hobbies include eating cake, photographing waterfowl, and overthrowing the capitalist hegemony. At times, he is pretentious enough to write about himself in the third person.

Some of you may know him from his old blog, And Cabbages, And Kings, now sadly defunct.

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