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The limits of the law

Originally posted on Garden Court Immigration Blog:
Taimour Lay reviews Borderline Justice: The fight for refugee and migrant rights, a new book by former Garden Court barrister Frances Webber. Immigration has for so long been captured by the cynical myth-making…

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Banning the burqa and niqab is a terrible idea

When France’s ban on full face veils in public spaces entered into force in 2011, I spoke out against it, fearing that it would contribute to the oppression and marginalization of Muslim women. Sadly, I think that subsequent events have … Continue reading

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Yarl’s Wood update

Today I attended a demonstration in London, organized by the Movement for Justice, calling for the closure of Yarl’s Wood and for a full public inquiry into the abuse of immigration detainees. I hope that the public and the media … Continue reading

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Close Yarl’s Wood, open the borders

New information has come to light about the brutal sexual abuse of detainees by guards at the Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre. A young Roma woman has come forward to tell the story of her sexual abuse at the hands … Continue reading

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A terrible day for Australia

So it seems that Australia is saddled with the noted misogynist, racist and homophobe Tony Abbott. I have to wonder what could possibly have motivated the people who voted for him: perhaps a combination of simple bigotry and a short-sighted … Continue reading

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Debunking creationism: a reply to Anne Jones, part II

This is Part II of my reply to the self-described Christian creationist Anne Jones. In Part I, I addressed her version of the well-worn “argument from fine tuning”, and her rather odd claim that the existence of the placebo effect … Continue reading

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Debunking creationism: a reply to Anne Jones, part I

A blogger named Anne Jones, who recently appeared on a Pharyngula comment thread, has posted an apologetic of considerable length on her own blog for her version of Christianity. I thought it appropriate to respond to some of her claims. … Continue reading

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