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An open letter to Theresa May: stop the removal of Mariama N

Dear Ms May, I am writing to ask you to stop the removal of Mariama N, Home Office reference number S1447771/002, to The Gambia. She is a lesbian woman who faces renewed persecution if returned to The Gambia. At present … Continue reading

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I have recently been in discussions with atheist philosopher Dan Fincke about his famous “civility pledge”. Although I sympathize with the intent behind the pledge, and I agree with much of it, I find myself unable to endorse it as … Continue reading

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Free Chelsea Manning

This week I was moved to complain to the BBC, for the first and only time in my life. The subject of the complaint was BBC News’ atrocious coverage of the case of Chelsea (née Bradley) Manning. Even in the … Continue reading

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In which I disagree with Nick Cohen

Following the recent controversy which I addressed in an earlier post, Nick Cohen has defended Richard Dawkins’ views on Islam in today’s Spectator. Unsurprisingly, I find myself in profound disagreement with Cohen – although I will also concede that his column … Continue reading

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My conversion story: coming to the radical left

The most important “conversion” in my life was not religious but political. This is the story of how I came to be a radical leftist, committed to the goal of ending injustice and tearing down oppressive power-structures, and why I … Continue reading

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Our avian friends

In a departure from the usual themes of my blog, this is an avian appreciation post. All of these pictures were taken this summer in the vicinity of Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes, close to my home. It’s surprisingly easy to … Continue reading

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In which Richard Dawkins attacks a series of strawmen

Richard Dawkins has come under fire this week for some inflammatory tweets about Islam, which prompted vociferous criticisms from Alex Gabriel and Martin Robbins, among others. In response, he has penned a rebuttal which surely has to qualify as one … Continue reading

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